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Startup Double Me

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This is a process where you can create and experience a virtual space yourself.  
Twin World is a real space created by Double Me.The real world overlaying the virtual space

metabus platformYou can share your space with other users with  

월/목 10:00~12:00

01.30 (월)  02.02 (목)
02.06 (월)  02.09 (목)

화/금 14:00~16:00

01.31 (화)  02.03 (금)
02.07 (화)  02.10 (금)

상세 정보

성인 교육 포스터1_12.30.2022.png
성인 교육 포스터2_12.30.2022.png
성인 교육 포스터3_12.30.2022.png
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