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The Cave’s Opening Marks The Introduction of Mixed Reality and A First of Its Kind Exhibition

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

DoubleMe Inc. is a Real-World Metaverse startup and creator of the social platform, TwinWorld. The Seoul-based team recently extended that to a physical space called The Cave, located in the heart of the city, Gwanghwamun. As a sanctuary in an urban jungle, we will transport you to the real-world metaverse through TwinWorld. Through this mixed reality experience, it will transform your surrounding bland spaces and bring your wildest imaginations to life.

The Cave took inspiration from Plato’s Cave, where what’s seen with the naked eye represents only a fragment of reality. It reflects the contrast between the reality in which humans live (the world outside) and our interpretation of it (the world inside the cave). It is also a bridge between the real world and technology enabling the metaverse, which serves to enrich our daily lives.

Powered by TwinWorld, The Cave will host a first of its kind immersive exhibitions that will ignite all five senses. A variety of immersive art therapy sessions and educational curriculums are expected to follow, expanding your imagination beyond the real world that you’ll be back for more. The Cave will begin its journey in Seoul and eventually launch in other cities such as Los Angeles, Madrid and more.

The Cave will open its doors later in September at 24 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Basement Level 1.

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