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The Convergence of XR and Personalized Art Therapy: Unveiling a New Realm in 'YOUniverse'

Since May, The CAVE has been hosting an XR exhibition, YOUniverse, a captivating voyage that intertwines the cosmos and one’s individuality through the lens of art therapy. YOUniverse vividly expresses the process of establishing self-identity, encompassing exploration, recognition, understanding, acceptance and expansion, leaving visitors deeply moved and inspired.

Before embarking on the YOUniverse experience, visitors encounter a preparatory phase, commencing with the 'Voice Ball' feature. This marks the first step in expressing and recognizing one's inner self through the gateway of art therapy. Throughout this cosmic odyssey guided by their own recorded voices, visitors are able to freely express and explore their emotions.

By artfully displaying Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn within the XR space, visitors ponder questions posed by each planet, gradually uncovering insights into understanding and managing their emotions. This experience not only fosters a profound appreciation of their coexistence with the universe, but also strengthens self-confidence and self-efficacy.

YOUniverse also encapsulates the diverse voices of past visitors. Visitors engage in introspection on their coexistence with the cosmos through touching voice-embedded planets. As floating entities within the cosmos evoke an unseen interconnectedness to visitors, this experience produces a sense of comfort, offering a profound serenity unique to YOUniverse.

As this exhibition masterfully projects individual emotions into the mixed reality space, its ability to facilitate self-recognition and self-comprehension provides a remarkable form of art therapy. Visitors rediscover and understand a new version of themselves by creating their own universe.

After delving into the depths of the cosmos through the HoloLens, counseling professionals guide each visitor in processing newfound insights and emotions, facilitating a journey of self-discovery. YOUniverse goes beyond merely an XR experience, but offers a new experience of self-awareness through the elements of art therapy.

Immerse yourself into YOUniverse at The CAVE, a place that delivers a deep message through therapeutic art, going beyond a simple mixed reality experience. Book your spot on our official website( and follow us on Instagram(@thecaveseoul) for more information.

ㅇ Where To Find Us 24 Cheonggyecheon-ro, B1, K Square City, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.



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