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Alter Wave: Part 1 - A Mixed Reality Fine Art Exhibition That Transcends Reality

From February 28th to April 2nd (extended date), The CAVE is hosting a metaverse art exhibition, "Alter Wave: Part 1.” This exhibition aims to connect art, visitors, and space into one cohesive experience.

“Alter Wave: Part 1" is an art exhibition that features the works of several talented artists. These include Kim Woojin, who was a guest artist at the 2022 Venice Biennale Personal Structures special exhibition and whose work has been praised by BTS V. Also featured is Choi Jung-yoon, an artist who has showcased his work at various international art fairs such as Volta Basel, Art Paris, Vienna Art Fair, and Abu Dhabi. Additionally, the exhibition features John Cook, a duo who have exhibited in cities such as Berlin, Paris, and Soho. Visitors can also enjoy metaverse artworks created by the organizer, Team CAVE.

Team CAVE is a creative group that showcases various fusion art performances. The exhibition displays an array of artworks, including Kim Woojin's inventive transformations of common animals such as deer, dogs, and rabbits into everyday objects, Choi Jung-yoon's colorful expressions of conceptual substances and human desires as visual objects, and John Cook's digital collages and paintings that seamlessly combine various media such as painting and photography.

The exhibition aims to break away from the traditional format of art exhibitions by merging art and technology. Visitors can appreciate the artworks in various spaces, including forests filled with clouds, sunset spaces, and an aurora-filled night sky. They can also wear MR headsets to listen to the artists' voice guide and explanations about the artwork, creating a more vivid experience as if they were receiving a docent tour from the artists themselves.

Experience the mind-bending "Alter Wave" exhibition that pushes beyond the boundaries of reality. You can make your reservation today on Naver. To learn more, check out our website ( or follow us on Instagram (@thecaveseoul).

*Address: B1, Case Square City, 24 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul.


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