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Salon de CAVE, a Place Where New Encounters Lead to Valuable Relationships

In addition to a successful metaverse exhibition and education program, The CAVE opened a new community event, Salon De CAVE. Salon de CAVE is a place where people with similar interests come together. This event will be held every month based on various topics and conversations. Based on the theme, ‘Spilling Tea about the Economy,' our first guest sparker Dr. Samuel Jung, made a speech about the 2023 global economy issue, paradigm shift, cryptocurrency and the metaverse.

Salon de CAVE not only stops from simply listening to a speech, but cultivates a culture that allows people to connect with one another by forming a community. Dr. Samuel Jung and visitors enjoyed the comfortable salon culture through having conversations and sharing their personal thoughts about the economy. Stock market advice, investment questions, and general economic topics were shared during this event. Salon de CAVE plans to continue providing a special experience for both guest speakers and visitors.

​​ As sea animals in the metaverse turn into an astounding Abyss exhibition, Salon de CAVE will allow diverse people with similar interests to come together as one. Salon de CAVE encourages a comfortable environment, enabling new encounters to turn into valuable relationships.

You can find more information about Salon de CAVE at our official website or Instagram(@thecaveseoul). Please stay tuned for our updates about the next event!

ㅇWhere To Find Us

B1 floor, 24 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul


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