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Recruiting1st DoubleMe Supporters Who Will Create the Real-World Metaverse Together

Following the Abyss Exhibition, Hologram Designer Education Program, and Salon de Cave, DoubleMe is now recruiting the 1st batch of supporters who will create the Real-World metaverse together. DoubleMe will select 20 adults who are interested in the metaverse or mixed reality (MR), as well as those who are skilled in social media. Selected candidates will be provided with missions and promotional activities along with opportunities to use HoloLens devices worth 5 million won.

Furthermore, participants will be provided with monthly tasks and content production projects with startup DoubleMe's platform, TwinWorld 2.0. DoubleMe plans to build a strong community by providing opportunities such as free access to exhibitions, salons, education programs, and other offline events held at The CAVE.

Based on SNS topics assigned every month, the supporters program will conduct marketing-related projects for approximately 3 months along with additional benefits. Students who are interested in the metaverse or those who seek practical experience in IT will be provided with opportunities to communicate with industry professionals through this program.

By receiving activity fees and gaining unique experiences through social media, DoubleMe’s supporter members will build their expertise through this valuable opportunity. Toward the end of the program, outstanding performers will be given extra points when applying for DoubleMe’s internship positions. We hope that this program will allow each member to reach beyond their special talents and abilities.

Those who are interested in this program can refer to the Supporters tab ( on our official website.


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