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First Feedback For Metaverse Education Proves Learning Could Be Made Fun

DoubleMe Inc. launched its first education program, introducing the Real-World Metaverse via its platform, TwinWorld. The sessions take place at DoubleMe’s experience space, The CAVE, and have received positive first feedback, including benefits in frequent everyday use and education. Hand gestures learnt for TwinWorld space design also allude to new trendy dance movements with the HoloLens.

The Junior Hologram Design Education Program introduces the metaverse, TwinWorld, the assets within and basic actions to design spaces. DoubleMe’s CEO, Albert Kim said, “We want to lower the tech barriers and have more people of all ages experience the metaverse. So we thought, why not start with a “How to” education program?” Upon training completion, these early adopters or Twinners, coined by DoubleMe after TwinWorld, will receive various benefits and event invites as supporters and ambassadors.

The children shared positive feedback about using the metaverse for education purposes in school. Including the metaverse as part of their education was described as “fun,” according to the participants. Parents also saw the potential to incorporate such immersive technologies in schools, especially for science or art.

The junior program kicked off on November 12 for juniors (aged 8 years and above) on a trial basis at The CAVE. Stay tuned for more program announcements and updates.


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