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The CAVE Opens First Of Many Collaboration Exhibitions With Art & Architecture Student Group, P.eye

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Since its opening, the CAVE hosted an immersive tech art exhibition, “Abyss,” with a Halloween edition and 《MODULE:Z - VER.2》, its first exhibition collaboration with P.eye (derived from ‘Private Eye’), an art and architecture university student exhibition group focused on capturing social issues in the form of spatial and visual designs.

The CAVE worked with Vinnie Son, President of the P.eye student group (also a Product Manager at The CAVE) and her team, by expanding the original 《MODULE:Z》 physical exhibition into a Mixed-Reality space. First held at Local Stitch Creator Town in Euljiro, Seoul, 《MODULE:Z》 addressed the youth housing issue in Korea, expressing the disconnect experienced by today’s MZ generation.

In the CAVE x P.eye collaboration from Oct 15-17, the 2D room exhibition was brought into a new dimension with astonishing holograms. Guests were able to interact with the students’ representative works installed in the CAVE as soon as they wore the HoloLens.

In preparation for the exhibition, the CAVE hosted a workshop for the P.eye members, providing latest metaverse insights and an introduction to TwinWorld, a platform created by Real-World metaverse startup DoubleMe. “How-To” tutorial sessions for using the HoloLens were also shared during the workshop. The CAVE will host a series of immersive art exhibitions, metaverse education and therapy sessions, and is keen to partner with more artists, creators, brands and collaborators to transform their visions into the world of mixed reality. The CAVE welcomes interested partners from Korea and all over the world to get in touch via our website contact form.


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