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Winter in the Metaverse? A Snowy White Abyss

Winter has finally come in the deep blue ‘Abyss.’ You can meet a lovable gingerbread, dancing Santa, and a humpback whale pouring down snowflakes.

The CAVE has released multiple series of the ‘Abyss’ including ‘Abyss: Red’ and ‘Abyss: White,’ demonstrating a limitless possibility of the Real-World metaverse. Visitors can choose their own version of the exhibition within TwinWorld, which reaches beyond the physical space.

In contrast to the original version that brings peace and serenity, the white version demonstrates a new mood for the winter season. Christmas-themed sea creatures swim freely within the abyss, as well as colorful gift boxes and cookies laying in front of the fireplace.

A white world unfolds when touching the blobfish. The on-off switch in the gingerbread house also enables visitors to light up the fire. With more interactive components added, Abyss : White aims to provide an experience that reaches beyond reality for visitors at The CAVE.

Book your spot for ‘Abyss: White’ through our official website( and follow our Instagram account(@thecaveseoul) to check out our programs.

ㅇWhere To Find Us

B1 floor, 24 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul


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