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Curious Seniors Immersed In The Metaverse, Exemplary to Lifelong Learning

DoubleMe Inc. launched its first education program, introducing the Real-World Metaverse via its platform, TwinWorld, to senior citizens above 60 years old. The sessions took place at DoubleMe’s experience space, The CAVE, and has received positive first feedback, including benefits in frequent everyday use once seniors are familiar with the technology.

Similar to the Junior Program, the Senior Hologram Design Education Program introduces the metaverse, TwinWorld, the assets within and basic actions to design spaces. DoubleMe’s CEO, Albert Kim said, “We don’t want anyone to be left behind with technological advancements. Seniors, when comfortable with the technology, could become self-sufficient in the future.” Upon training completion, these early adopters or Twinners, coined by DoubleMe after TwinWorld, will receive various benefits and event invites as supporters and ambassadors. The learning curve proved to be challenging in the beginning but the seniors shared positive overall feedback about the sessions. They also related their heartfelt personal stories, pointing out the relevance of the metaverse to their lives. DoubleMe plans to continue refining the Senior program’s content and pace for greater extensiveness.

The senior program kicked off on November 16 on a trial basis at The CAVE. Interested participants could inquire on The CAVE’s official website.


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